The Ugly

AC Vent air flow Direction

There seem to be some issue with Jazz’s ac vent air flow direction. The Corner AC vents never gets cut off. No matter where you want the air to flow to, the corner vents won’t get cut off and shall always blow air.
Consequence: In winter, when you switch to Windshield to use the DEMISTING function, you’ll end up getting hot dry engine air on your face
Honda Jazz engine (3)
The Corner vents

Lights Dimming  When Ac is Switched On

Yes you’ll be surprised to see that the Lights go dim when you switch on AC or even when you apply brakes.
Here’s a video .
A 90 PS car whose lights go DIM when you switch on the AC, quite surprising—isn’t it. No its not my car specific, I tested other Jazz too. People at service center told that it happens this way.
Tested on my Nano and Wagon-R(4 Year old battery) but lights doesn't go dim on switching on the AC.

Rear Suspension Hard

Honda Jazz’s rear suspension is so hard that you bounce every time you cross  speed breaker. Polo’s suspension is much better than Honda Jazz’s.

Cabin Noise

Compared to any other car of the segment, the noise in the passenger section of Honda jazz is on the higher side. You’ll feel the tire sound inside as well as outside noise. Outside noise is good for driver, but too much sound is irritating. Even the car’s music player’s sound is clearly audible outside the car even if the car’s windows are locked.

Hard Doors

The doors of the cars are such that you need to pull them hard. You need force to close the door properly.
Consequence: You’ll often have to close the door twice. People getting off the car will have to close the door properly instead of just a Bye and Go.
My car’s doors have been adjusted around 6 times within a month.After that I quit.
In the pics below you can see the door being repaired and subsequently oil leaking from the gates.
Honda Jazz (22) Honda Jazz gates doors (2) Honda Jazz gates doors (6)
 Honda Jazz front gates doors (3) Honda Jazz rear gates doors (7) Honda Jazz ground clearance


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