The Bad

Ground Clearance

Yes, ground clearance is an issue in Honda Jazz.
In the first  two pictures below, you see the silencer hub protruding downwards.
Click the pic to enlarge.
Honda Jazz scrapes most of the big speed breakers.
But don’t worry, the engine rarely gets hit. So you won’t hit the oil chamber.
See the third pic below. The pic has been taken keeping the camera under the front bumper. The Engine has been protected with a layer of metal sheet on both left and right side keeping the middle section open for cold air to enter.
  Honda Jazz ground clearance (2)Honda Jazz ground clearance (1)

Gear Shifting

The movement of gear knob/stick required to change/shift gear is more than any other car in the segment. Moreover, the gear knob is located such that your shoulders HAVE to move to shift gears. The gear knob is not near the driver as it is Polo or Nano, instead its so far that you’ll feel your entire body moving to shift to  slot into gear no 1 . I am 176 CM tall, and i keep the seat adjusted such that my palm crosses the steering wheel easily. Gear shifting from 3rd to 2nd can be bit irritating sometimes. As already stated on my front page that we have 3 Honda Jazz in my family, I have tested all three and found this issue in all of them.

Initial Acceleration

Acceleration till 40-50 Km/H is very poor. No the engine wont turn off while you start off in a traffic. Nor do u need to revv up to start off. Its just that u will feel the engine sluggish till 40-50 Km/H. You will feel as if you are in a Tata Nano.

No Dead Pedal/ Clutch foot rest

Yes, I know you’ve read the feature list which says that it has it. But in fact its no foot rest or pedal, its just a 5mm thick rubber pad.
Check out the pics below.
Honda Jazz (18)Honda Jazz (25)  Honda Jazz (24)

Here’s a Long video which I made much before I made this blog
This Video enlists multiple shortcoming of HONDA JAZZ

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