Missing features

I guess you are at he right page if you want to know what all you will be missing if you bought a Honda Jazz.
  • No backlit power windows buttons.
    The power window button do not have lights in them. As  a result, any new passenger would find it difficult to locate the switch at night/dark.

  • ORVM adjustor buttons not backlit and located at awkward position.
    Honda jazz’s controllers to adjust ORVM is not backlit. So while driving if you want to adjust the adjust the mirrors, you’ll find it difficult to locate it as its not located at the door pad where most cars have this button.
  • Auto Door Lock
    Honda Jazz’s doors won’t auto lock when the car moves. Its a feature present in almost all cars which has remote locking system.
  • Central Door Lock Button
    The car doesn’t have a central door lock Power Button. It has a physical button but not an electronic button.

  • Only ONE remote lock key.
    Car’s spare key does not have the lock/unlock button. This is cheating. Selling such costly car and not providing remote locking in spare keys is simply unacceptable. 
  • Dual Trip Meter
    Honda Jazz doesn’t have Dual trip meter. Most cheaper cars have this function, but its missing from Honda Jazz.
  • No parking sensors.
    Yes the car doesn’t come fitted with parking sensors.
    i20 and polo has it.
  • No Parking camera (rear)
    The car does have rear parking camera.
    i20 has it.
  • No lane changing Indicator
    Unlike i20 or Polo and few more, Honda Jazz does no have.  This function is quite useful while driving on multi lane roads and at high speeds.
  • No climate control
    All cars of this segment has climate control except Honda Jazz.
  • No auto rain sensing wipers
    i20 has it.
  • No remote controller for Audio system
  • NO telescopic steering, only tilt
    So you can't move the steering wheel back and forth.. only movement is up and down --- adjustment. 


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  2. Always mention the model number of car while writing blogs.
    Please update your article for following points.
    1. Jazz has parking sensors now starting from V trim privilege edition.
    2. Rear camera also present.
    3. It also has a dual trip meter.