The Good


The car has lots and lots of space.
The magic seats- the rear seat folds down(forward) making ample space from tailgate to front seats. The space becomes almost like a bed. Yes almost. Because there remains uneven joint.
There’s space below the rear seats. The space is enough to keep small bags like people keep in bus or train and sometimes even on flights.
The rear left seat has a secret pocket under it.
9 cup/bottle holders
Dual Glove Box
Big elbow room
Customizable area around gear knob
Good headroom
Good rear leg space


The designer of the car is the same person who designed Honda Civic.
Apart from GCON )as written on features list on the brochure, the car’s body seems quite strong enough to handle major impacts. The car’s A-pillar has a quarter glass in front helping the driver to drive in hills and meandering roads. The tailgate is long and unlike Brio its bottom end is not very high from ground thereby helping you to load stuffs easily. The Aerodynamics is quite nice. The car is sleek and elegant.
Honda Jazz glass designHonda Jazz gates doors  Honda Jazz designHonda Jazz (2) 


Car’s initial acceleration maybe weak but acceleration after 60 KM/H is simply superb. You will leave any diesel car/SUV behind when it accelerates from 80-140. I haven’t tried beyond 140KM/H. Its till the RPM of 1.8 that you will feel bit sluggish but after that you’ll feel the real power.


The ABS of Jazz seems better than other cars. ABS combined with EBD is simply great. I have had two instances of hard braking and in one of them, I had to save a boy who had jumped off from the divider all of sudden. The car was fully in control during the braking and turned and moved as I wanted it to move. So the boy was saved because of the awesome ABS. The ABS pulsating vibration is on the higher side which may be a cause of alarm initially.


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  2. Perfect Car I have driven this for more than 80k and had awesome experience. Jazz is the best.