Unique Observations

This page is made for Jazz owners. On this page you’ll find few things which can be interesting. I’ll update this page whenever I find something interesting.

Audio System

Honda Jazz (14)
If you select “Random” mode, and even if your flash-drive/pen-drive has more than 500 songs, the audio player falls in love with some of them.
So you get to listen to a set of specific songs again and again. No the random doesn’t fail, its just that some songs come again and again even tough its random. Seems the Audio System Manufacturer has made some error with the algorithm of the Random mode programming. Still, you always have that NEXT button on your steering wheel…

Speed on Audio System Display

There’s a small hack to show speed of your vehicle on your audio system’s Display. Here’s the Video I made:
  1. Switch off the Audio System
  2. Turn off the ignition.
  3. Turn on the ignition.
  4. Press and hold 1 and 6 of the audio system simultaneously.
  5. Press ‘power on’ button of the audio system.
  6. You’ll see “DIAG'” appear on your audio system screen.
  7. Release 1 and 6
  8. Press 5
  9. Now move your vehicle.
    Your car’s (Honda Jazz) speed will appear on your audio system’s screen.

Intelligent Dashboard Lights

The dashboard lights are amber/orange in color and can be irritating while driving at night. But in Honda seem to have addressed this issue unlike other cars and in Honda Jazz, the lights go dim, the moment you switch on the parking lights or Head Lights.

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